Geschichte 55 Jahre Pantel-Elektronik

Our history…

In a 65-year company history

Pantel-Elektronik AG has emerged as a reliable and innovative E²MS provider, supporting their customers with a broad range of services, extensive innovative capability and a high level of economic efficiency.

A success story for 65 years

  • 1959  Elektroautomation H.J. Pantel is launched
  • 1972  Company becomes a supplier for the automotive industry
  • 1986  Pantel Elektronik GmbH is formed in Germany
  • 1993  Production commences in the Czech Republic
  • 1999  Production commences in Romania
  • 2003  Transfer of production from the Czech Republic to Romania
  • 2008  Second production plant is opened in Romania
  • 2010  Expansion in Romania
  • 2013  “Long Board” production commences (printed circuit boards up to 1.5 metres)
  • 2015  Completion of an additional 1,000 sqm production hall only for “Long Board”
  • 2018  Production expansion by 2,500 square meters in the 2nd production site
  • 2019  Opening of the 3rd production site in Romania

Pantel-Elektronik AG ErlangenPantel Elektronik AG – Erlangen / Germany