Automotive industry


Are you a supplier for the automotive industry? Then you know what is important: when it comes to electronics, reliability is the number one priority.
With ever increasing demands on systems and components, where can you find the right partner who not only offers flexibility and creativity under changing conditions, but also stays the course for the duration of projects that can take several years?

We produce height adjusters for headlights and sensors for controlling adaptive headlights for a number of automotive manufacturers. If the vehicle in front of you brakes and comes safely to a stop, it may well have been our electronics that were responsible for your safety.

International market leaders in the automotive industry rely on the innovative strength, competence and solutions of Pantel Elektronik AG.

  • Brake lights (Audi, Porsche)
  • BMW comfort seats
  • Adaptive front lighting sensors with XENON light for a variety of vehicles
  • Mercedes gear recognition for automatic transmission
  • Headlight range adjustment for a variety of vehicles

…to name just a few.

We would be very pleased to discuss your projects and challenges with you.