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  • Over 60 years experience at various locations
  • Automotive engineering, industry, aviation, electronics for consumer goods
  • E²MS – we are happy to pass on our economic efficiency, innovative strength and flexibility to YOU


  • One company for all YOUR needs
  • We guarantee transparent production – and information flow
  • Minimal rate of return due to high quality and service standards

Meeting our customers`needs

  • All tools are adapted to meet YOUR requirements
  • Our customer service department is closely linked to YOUR sales & marketing
  • Our experienced and motivated TEAM is at your disposal


Pantel Elektronik AG can offer all current assembly technologies. It is therefore able to process components in all the shapes and sizes available in today’s market. All components used, including their connecting solders, conform fully with EU environmental directives – RoHS compliant.
We are also happy to continue to provide you with the lead-based technologies.

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Over the course of the company’s more than 60-year history, Pantel-Elektronik AG has emerged as a reliable and innovative E²MS provider; supporting their customers with a broad range of services, extensive innovative capability and a high level of economic efficiency. Renowned international system suppliers value not only the competence and strong customer focus of Pantel’s specialists, but also their high degree of flexibility. They are closely supported by the 90 members of Pantel’s head office staff in Erlangen. Here you will find the design and construction department, development, sales and marketing as well as logistics management.

Whether you are looking for the construction of prototypes or mass production – the Pantel team is flexible and reliable: 650 different electronic products in varying quantities clearly demonstrate the company’s extensive know-how and many years of experience. Around 25,000 individual components are successfully managed by our efficient production planning system.

Electronic components are mainly produced in Timisoara, in Romania, which is also home to the testing department and testing laboratory. In our modern, well-equipped, 4800m² production premises, a staff of 250 manufacture the system products according to the precise specifications of our engineering department. Our second production facility is located 100 km from here in Caransebes, with a production area of 1400m² and 95 employees. Close on-line networking between the production facilities and the head office and constant updating of important data is guaranteed.


Pantel Elektronik AG operates environmentally relevant production processes. In order to promote environmental protection in our company, we have implemented an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. The following principles of our environmental policy form the basis of the ongoing improvement process for our environmental management system:

  • Based on a systematic analysis of environmental issues, we assess processes and develop concepts to improve environmental protection in our company.
  • We consider compliance with legal obligations and other requirements to which we have committed ourselves to, to be a minimum standard.
  • We avoid all possible environmental pollution.
  • Wir We are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance.
  • Regular servicing of our facilities, based on a maintenance and testing plan, ensures that we meet the requirements for high operational safety and availability of our systems, achieving stable production management and minimising environmental damage.
  • We train our staff and raise their awareness of relevant environmental impact.

Environmental policies ar regularly reviewed by our company management and updated where necessary. Goals are set by the management to substantiate environmental policy and clear strategies are implemented to achieve these goals. All necessary resources are provided to implement the systems. Regular assessments of the effectiveness of the management systems are carried out and, wherever possible, optimisation measures are introduced in line with the ongoing process of improvement. The owners, management and staff of Pantel Elektronik AG all support the environmental policy. The company’s management and employees are committed to the active application of environmental management system guidelines for a continuous improvement in environmental performance.


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