We are well on track in these areas 

We fully understand our customers’ businesses and for this reason we can provide individual, tailor-made solutions to ensure sustainable competitiveness.

Each product and every sector has its own problems and therefore has to meet specific challenges. From the outset of product development we take into consideration the differences in product complexity, the number of variants, the quantities to be manufactured, the intended service life of the product, and the depth of development, as well as the legal requirements – to name just a few of the important influencing factors.

Drive control systems

Drive control systems for low-floor equipment, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology all work reliably thanks to our electronic modules.

Automotive industry

Are you a supplier for the automotive industry? Then you know what is important: when it comes to electronics, reliability is the number one priority.


Pantel Elektronik supplies innovative printed circuit boards for semiconductor lighting technology as standard equipment for large aircraft.

Household appliances

Refrigerators or freezers, dryers or cookers; a wide range of household appliances function with the help of our electronics. Our electronics, found…

Consumer goods

Consumer goods are a global growth market, driven by a steadily increasing pace of innovation. Even market leaders cannot rely solely on their…

Regulation control systems

We are all aware of the requirements placed by industry on the regulation of blowers and temperature controllers –…

Sensor systems

Nowadays, new technologies and procedures are constantly being implemented in industrial engineering. There would appear to be no limits in…